Yard of Steel

© 2014 Drew Nicholson

How did we two come to this?
Facing each-other on empty streets?
This is not what I would wish,
That we would come in this way to meet.

Sting of your glove fills my mind,
Arc of it falling to frozen ground,
Seconds that guttered in time,
The hush of the crowd made a holy sound…

Stareing down the full length of a yard of steel,
I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to move!
Stareing down the full length of a yard of steel,
I don’t have a damn thing to prove.

The judge asked us both to forgive,
We were too proud and refused to yield,
As god as my witness, I’ll live!
My sword and my righteousness are my shield!

The morning dawned brightly and cold;
You don’t look as scared as I feel today,
We took up swords, none did cry hold,
I stood my guard and I did pray.

We circled each-other around,
Testing defenses and pure resolve,
Now we were endlessly bound,
In the end, who would God absolve?

I could stand the tension no more,
So I rushed in where fools fear to tread!
It was so loud when my shirt tore.
I knew not if I were alive or dead!

The air on my skin was like ice,
I’d run if I could, I’d run for my life!
I know now I will pay the price,
Your patience through me like a sharpened knife.

The ground twisted under your thrust,
Your guard dropped and I saw the opening,
Now I will do as I must.
Blades clanged and glittered, began to sing!

Here come the judges so slow,
Their lips move but I cannot hear them speak,
I wonder if its time to go…
Was I strong on this field or was I weak…
Timeless, we stand here transfixed.
I can’t see the sun now, I can’t see the sky!
All I can hear is clock’s tick
Are you dead my friend… or am I?


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