Odin’s Call

Odin disguised himself as a small hare,
Went down to earth, talked to animals there,
He said “I am seeking fighters to hold up my shields,
“Tell me, what news of fair Northshield?”

Dragon stood proudly and then she did say,
“My son Northshield is all grown up today.
“Responsible, wise he learned it all fast,
“But his love for tradition still lasts.”

Falcon flew gently and then took his rest,
And said, “Brother Northshield has passed many tests,
“For though many trophies of his you will see,
“He puts Honor before Victory.”

Wolf howled a greeting, then she did speak,
“My youngest of brothers will never be weak,
“His people stand with him through rain-storm or shine,
“Their loyalty ever is fine.”

Next there to speak gave a rumbling roar,
For he was the Lion of old Ansteor’
“When they visit me, his folk are of good cheer
“For they hold their family dear.”

Stag of the Outlands was next in the line,
“Your people have gifts greater than a good wine.
“Baubles and trinkets and greed they will pass,
“Nobility does always last.”

Galloping in came brave Atenveldt Steed.
“Your people give kindly to those in need,
“Of service is what the bards always will tell,
“For it is near unparalleled!”

Tiger of Eastmark then prowled to the fore
And said “I have seen their ships from my own shores!
“I’ve faced them battle and tell you, I’ve seen
“Their powerful bravery.”

Seahorse Trimarin then bobbed up and bowed,
“Northshield’s demeanor has always been proud,
“Though in the lands of Trimaris I’ll stay
“I hear their laughter all day.”

Dolphin of CAID then joined him in speech,
“There is one thing more that Northshield can teach,
“Though victory’s fine and so’s a good beer,
“True friendship is always most dear.”

Grandly and slowly, Gryphon arrived.
“I do thank you all with greatest of pride.
“When my folk go forth on land or on sea,
“Protector I always will be.

“Their bravery, honor and service are fine,
“Of friends and tradition they care all the time,
“Loyal and noble and true to a fault,
“I would have them in Odin’s hall!”

Odin turned into his two-legged form,
“When Ragnarok comes there will be a great storm,
“Though Rainbow Bridge falls, know I never will yield,
“And my warriors will be of NORTHSHIELD!

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