Two Words

I’ll tell you a tale of a knight who was aimless
A tale of a warrior seeking the light
For years he had striven to raise up his lady
In all of his battles had he lost his fight.

And so did he go to his lady one summer,
And say unto her that he’d no longer seek
To place on her brow the gold crown of the dragon
But she interrupted, her words were not meek

“You look in my eyes and surrender, defeated,
“but if you would listen to what I would say,
“pay heed to these words, to this gift I will give you,
“and if you can follow, well, you’ll win the day”

He looked in her shining eyes and was transported,
He promised to follow her words with his heart
And thus when the day of Crown tourney was on us,
They traveled together and each did their part

Before every battle the knight would prepare
And at the lay on, he would look to his wife
And there she would hold up two fingers before him
And as each bout ended, he still held his life.

The tourney concluded, the knight was the victor,
A prince and a princess of dragonshome dear
And then as our king and queen, reigned in sweet harmony
As had their forebearers, for half a year

And in that season, asked I what his wife said
What had she told him to win o’er the day
He looked at me calmly with tears of joy falling
And then did reveal to me what she did say:

“two words are all that I have now to tell you
“two words will be all you need for the throne
“just focus on these and you won’t be defeated:
“Fight… Win… They will bring you home.”

Thus before each bout he fought in the tourney
Thus every time she displayed fingers two,
He knew she was saying “fight… Win…” to remind him
He knew what she really meant was “I love you.”

I’ll tell you a tale of a knight who was aimless
A tale of a warrior seeking the light
A tale of a husband who trusted his wife’s love
And how her two words made our kingdom as bright.


Listen to the song.