The Key

A Copla de Arte Mayor by Andrew Blackwood MacBaine the Purple
© 1994 Drew Nicholson

I. I once was told by my lady to go and lock
Her courtly garb into a closet stuffed so full
That try as I might, I could never barely pull
A dress without the hands twice going round the clock.
Till I stumbled back into a wall with a shock-
Upon the key ring something new I did see
I would have to find my lady and we would talk
To find what key hole fit with this mystery key.

II. I came upon my lady in the Kitchen soon
And holding up the key ring, asked her “What’s this?
“Living in this house there can’t be a room I’ve missed.”
When she replied to me her voice, it soared in tune.
What she sang to me made my spirits lift from the gloom:
“My lord,” she said then, “of this lock you’ve been a part;
“A lock that has been sealed shut since month of June.
“Lord, what you hold in hand is the key to my heart.”

III. So now I carry joy where my spirit does live.
And from this happy home I never now will go,
I can not leave my lady for I love her so
For ever to each other gentle love we give
With her I’ll be happy to go cross marriage’s bridge.
Our old age will be quiet, peaceful, I am sure,
After life and shelter to our children we give.
I will be content to spend my long life with her.

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