Serena’s Song

Comes the battle cry
Comes the fire of inspiration
Raise your banner high
Hear the quiet conversations.
Serena gives her heart and soul
To the dragon Kingdom proud
To raise her people up, the goal
For we will always be unbound!

Will you stand
Will you stand with Serena
Will you stand
Upon the castle wall
Will you stand
With your sword in your hand
Will you stand
Will you stand with Serena?

Comes the time of snow
Comes the days of longhouse living
Keep the fires aglow
With your friends be always giving
Serena with her silkworm thread
Clothes us in a weave so warm
Unhappiness is all but fled
And in this love the dragon born!

Will you stand…

Comes the dawning spring
Comes the pounding of the war drum
All the people sing
Weaves the fabric of the kingdom
Serena leads us to the fray
Blades bright flashing in attack
We will follow come what may
Arrayed, our army at her back!

Will you stand… (x2)

Listen to the song.