Return to You

written in preparation for stepping down as Rapier Champion to Ragnvaldr and Arabella.

Though I didn’t want to leave you,
I must heed the dragon’s call
So I left you with our young son
when I went off in the fall…
With the King and Queen I traveled
‘cross the MidRealm far and wide,
always longing to return to you
so I could be there at your side.So I walk the long road homeward
I will see you soon, my friend,
I have done my part and now I go
To be with my love again….

Thus I wielded my rapier proudly,
In the service of the crown,
whether towards the Oaken Regions
Or to Northshield we were bound,
Thorfin’s humor kept us laughing,
Munenori’s honor, proud,
but in the midst of mirth, my mind would burn,
and I would see you in the clouds…

When we turned our minds to battle,
for fair Trimaris we did fight,
with our broadswords and our rapiers,
and our helmets shining bright!
red per pale a-marching onward,
For Arabella fought we all!
But e’en as arrows flew about my head,
I could hear your haunting call.

So I’ll treasure all the moments
spent with these my friends so dear,
With Ragnvaldr, forging pole-arms,
Oscad holding all those spears,
And they’ll speak of us in sagas,
of the deeds we did this reign,
But it’s time to go back home now,
and see my son and you again.


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