Off a Klif (Bardic Madness South 2014)

This year, on my way home from Known World Cooks and Bards, the people in my van and I came up with a nifty idea.  We filk songs all the time — take a tune, and write new words to it.  What we don’t often do is turn it around — take words and write a new tune.  I proposed this challenge to the Provost of Bardic Madness South, and it was added to this year’s event!  We had four participants, as well as myself.

We used the words Now Blossoms The Spray/Now Springes The Spray (c1300, by Anon), which you can find here.

And the entries:

Each one of these wonderful people took time out of the other challenges or classes and sat in an empty classroom and recorded with me.  They each even did it in one take!  Then, at feast, we played back each of the recordings, and I gave all four participants a badly formed copper bracelet!

This is why I don’t make things with my hands. Or feet, I suppose.
I’m definitely going to do this again.  And I think it’s a great composition exercise for all of us songwriters!  Enjoy!

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