Laura’s Birthday 2020

Originally published September 11, 2020.

Today is Laura’s birthday. We’ve been married for over 12 years, and together something like fifteen? I think so. I know the anniversary of our first date, but sometimes I can’t remember the year. I’ll have to go look it up on Live Journal. And we were essentially dating long distance before that anyway.

Here’s the thing. We fight. We have endless conversations that don’t resolve. We interpret things differently. We’ve hurt each other, through mistakes or negligence. But I remember the feeling of walking with her on that December morning, both of us recovering from disastrous breakups, and thinking “is it possible that she’s the one?”

We made it possible. We made it happen. We’ve survived illness, financial issues, and a dozen other issues (many of them my own stupid fault) that would have broken other couples. We decided that we weren’t going to let it break us.

One of the things I’ve been trying to do for Laura almost as long as we’ve been together is write her a song, and I don’t know, it just hasn’t worked. Nothing I’ve been able to write down has approached the depths of the feelings I have, the love and appreciation I have for this woman, this mother, this wife, this amazing person that I have had the luck and the fortitude and perseverance and desire to be with and stay with.

There’s a link to an Avett Brothers song in the comments that doesn’t come close either, but I like it.

And maybe that song is going to get written after all. I think I have part of a chorus.

“Even looking back at all we’ve been through
I’d start all over with you.”

I love you, Jibba Groo. I went back through your photos and made this collage. It’s a snapshot, at least, of a lot of good memories. Maybe we can get it developed at the Walgreens!

And there’s more to come at dinner!