On Turning Fifty (Years)

Originally published on August 31, 2020.

So, Fifty. Heck of a thing, I guess.

It was a nice, quiet day. I slept in, got presents, ate the best pizza reasonably to be found in Illinois, and had cake. All in all, it was very nice.

Thanks to everyone who posted on my wall or in my story or messaged me or emailed me or texted me.  There are a lot of you, and I can’t possibly say thanks to each of you individually, so I’ll say thank to you jointly.

I will say thanks to Laura who not only baked the cake, but made the frosting from scratch! Laura’s always here to support me and I can never express my appreciation for her enough. She works harder than I do, she’s far stronger than me, and we won’t even talk about how much more smarter she is.

Coupla years ago I talked about how I don’t really count birthdays up after a certain point — I figure I’ve got a good shot at 90 total, so I start counting back down at 45, which means yesterday was 40 left. Knowing that there’s less time available to me than I’ve already had certainly makes me regret the time I wasted so far, but it also sharpens my intent for what remains. I’m not going to discover a live-saving cancer drug, and I’ll probably never leave the gravitational pull of the planet — or even the atmosphere — but I can, and will build on the good works I’ve done so far to try and create a more just world and a more inclusive and welcoming SCA, and raise decent young men who understand the meaning of privilege and consent.

I am incredibly blessed to have you all in my life. Thank you.

So, back to work.