Tell the BoD You Support Diversity!

Originally published on Facebook June 17, 2020.

It’s hard to think that some day, people might not know the context of this post, but I suppose it’s possible, so: I wrote this to encourage the BoD to recognize the good that the DEI office was doing during a time of upheaval in the SCA. A highly respected and decorated SCA peer had been banished for, among other things, publishing a long screed about how “politics” (such as the Black Lives Matter movement, and increased acceptance of LGBTQIAA+ lives) was ruining the SCA. He outed himself as a bigot, and got into a fair amount of trouble for it. There’s another post chronologically before this one that talks about it.

Have you written to the BOD of the SCA to share your opinions yet? If you are so inclined, it’s easy.

Just drop a line to:,, and cc’d,,, but either email works). You can find the direct emails for all the BoD members here, to look up your Kingdom’s Ombudsman:

Here’s mine:


To the Board of Directors:

My name is Andreas Blacwode, and I have been a member of the SCA for over 30 years, all of them in the MidRealm.

As someone who has done a great deal of behind the scenes work for various offices, initiatives, and reigns, I know how rarely words of thanks are sent along to the people doing that work.

Today, I want to change that, as I hope many members of the SCA are. The work that the Board of Directors, Duke John the President of the SCA, Baron Alwyn the Society Seneschal, and Baroness Zahra the Corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion officer are all doing to make the SCA more inclusive, as well as ridding us of racists, bigots, and fascists is deeply appreciated by myself and many others.

I know it is likely that there are many people in the SCA, likely of high rank and up till now considered of high merit, who are deeply uncomfortable with the direction the SCA has taken. “You’re tearing the SCA apart,” they cry. To that, I say “Perhaps . But we cannot ignore a cancer away. It must be cut out, excised.”

Please do not be swayed by polite, genteel appeals from those who would defend the prejudiced because of their rank. We are better off without them, and with them gone, we will truly and fairly be able to invite so many more people in to add to the rich and varied tapestry that the SCA can become.

And again, thank you for the work you have already done.

In affirmation of the SCA’s Core Principles, I am:

Magister Andreas Blacwode, OP