30 Years of SCA

Originally published May 12, 2020.

So I celebrate my SCA anniversary in a much more Jewish manner than any other way. I say “My first event was Spring Coronation, AS 25” and I calculate my anniversary from that, and because Coronation isn’t a set date, it moves around. So that means that this year, I celebrated 30 years in the SCA on May 2 — ten days ago.

But May 12 is the actual date of Comar & Lisa’s first coronation, all the way back in 1990, and that event was my first. I piled into the back of Patrick MacPhelan’s van, with a bunch of other people from the Marche of the Thistle, and we drove from Wooster, Ohio, up into Michigan. I think it was Flint, maybe? Count William would know.

I’d been going to local SCA meetings for a few months before that, and I was pretty sure that this was something I wanted to pursue, but when I went to that event, that’s when I really knew. I mostly wandered around by myself, and I remember seeing David & Tangwystl, the first Prince & Princess of Ealdormere, and thinking (because I knew no better), that they were the King and Queen, or about to be — right up until Comar came into the room at Court and demanded the Crown, and then there was absolutely no doubt who the King REALLY was.

Since that day, I have “Begun Again” probably six or seven times. I’ve been part of movements, I’ve had a lot of romance, more than one failed peer/dependent relationship, twenty or so Pennsics, and tens of thousands of miles of driving.

And while I wouldn’t necessarily recommend my particular path to most people, all of my trials and tribulations have brought me to be the person I am today, and I’m pretty okay with that. There isn’t much I would do differently, thirty years later.

When the OP is updated next month to reflect the Ethereal Courts that took place at the end of Seto & Ynes’ reign, my elevation date will be May 2, AS 55. I specifically asked for this, and since I know the guy who manages the OP, I got it taken care of. It was important to me that my elevation date resonate in this way, and honestly, it might as well have been on 5/2 anyway.

Too many people have helped me for me to thank; there is a maximum number of people you can tag in a post on Facebook. And the truth is, that if you’re reading this, you have helped me in one way or another, even if that help is just that you participate in — and thus help to keep alive — the SCA. So thanks everyone.

The next 30 years beckon.