Elevation Thanks

originally published May 2, 2020.

I have many people to thank for everything over the past three months, as I have processed getting put on Vigil, set everything up, had the event cancelled, contemplated a virtual elevation, and finally been elevated.

Before all others, I have to thank Laura. Not only did she step way out of her comfort zone to take on the role of the Hands of Their Majesties in order to present, speak about, and then place the medallions I wear today, but she’s believed in me far longer than I’ve believed in myself. I’ve been moody, angry, euphoric, foolish, and just plain stupid plenty of times over the past 14 years, and she’s stood by me the entire time. I did a #wordfamewednesday post about her last week, but really, it only scratched the surface. I am who I am right now because of her.

the favor Laura gave me before elevation.

After Laura comes my boys, Charlie, Ben, and Max. It’s taken me a long time to figure out how to balance the different parts of my life, and I know I haven’t been a perfect father, but I always went out and tried to be a better example to you each day than I was the day before.

My boys.

My peers: Duchess Arabella, Duke Ragnvaldr, Mistress Amelie, & Sir Thomas. Thank you for standing by me, and participating in this weird, confusing, distant elevation. I can never repay you for your support.

I want to thank Mistress Maggie & BARONESS Zahra for coordinating my virtual vigil last Wednesday. When I go the opportunity to run Baroness Allegra’s vigil Thursday night, I got a feel for how difficult that is! Thank you both very much!

I want to thank so many of you. William & Isolde, and the Hefflins for running the food and organization for my in-person vigil at Winged Hills Collegium so many weeks ago. Finn & Halla & Lewys and the Bardic Storm crew for always being ready to talk about music. Tha Krew for always having funny memes and comments. Signy & Lanea & Gideon & Monique & Ros & Andries & Sophie for helping me figure things out.

Mistress Maggie of Cnoc Cait & Mistress Marie la Fauconniere worked together to produce my vigil tunic, which I have pictures of below.

I want to thank Aveline & Mistress Sarafina for the Garb that Is Yet to Come, as well as Mistress Roana for the vigil book that is on the way. They will all get used when we are able to be together again, and have a MASSIVE party.

My co-vigilants Allegra & Fiadnata & Sigenandus & Katayoun & Saraswati & Hrefna & Corisande, all standing together in a group going “what are you gonna do? I dunno, what are you gonna do?” Well, we made it y’all! CONSTANT VIGILANTS!

Mistress Alzbeta has been a tireless workhorse for all of the virtual elevations, and she was no exception for mine.

And of course, the Shepherd of Fire, Ryo-ô Seto, and la Amada Regina, Ynes, my unending thanks for believing in me, and trusting me, not just at this moment, but for much of Your Reign, and how it was thematically shaped. These may be the duties of the Honest Minister, but they are also the joyful enterprises of the lucky ones.

Here’s the video:

Thank you, everyone, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten others as well, I always do. I appreciate all of you.