Parenting: A Dad Story

Originally published October 7, 2019.

Laura has gone to Kansas for a family emergency, and so I’m home with the boys. I’m one of those dads who gets irritated when asked how well I’m babysitting my kids, because, you know, I’m one of their PARENTS, and thus I don’t babysit them, but I ain’t gonna lie; I’m viewing this week and maybe the next with more than a little trepidation. There’s just a ton of things to do, and keeping track of it all is daunting.

Laura does more of this on her own than I do, and while some of the reasons for that are valid, plenty of them are still me not consistently picking up my end of the rope. I need to do better.

Anyway, please send Laura good vibes, and maybe a few shots of tequila for me. 

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