Just Another Day

Originally published on September 20, 2019.

Today was a hard day. I took a sleeping pill last night and still didn’t sleep very well. This morning the kids (who don’t have school) were up at some ridiculous hour agitating for their tablets and I spent two or three hours dozing fitfully. Then I sat down at my computer for work and stared at it like it was a shiny box, with a smaller box full of pebbles in front of it.

Part of the problem is that my desk isn’t large and has very little storage, so I decided to clean it out. Except now I have a desk that’s still full of crap, and there’s also crap all over the hallway floor.

But then things got better. Jessica came over and she finished my garb for Coronation, and for once, I really like how I look in garb.

Then I went for a run. And one of the things I found while I was cleaning up is this viking ship pendent. I got this at the end of Ragnvaldr & Arabella’s third reign, and I decided to wear it while I ran. It reminds me of how great that reign was, and all the good work we did.

And that made me feel better.