Look at Me, I’m On a Boat

Originally published September 10, 2019.

Y’all are gonna laugh at me, but I’ve been waiting to open this stick of Old Spice.

See, it’s the original scent, which triggers very powerful memories for me, of my father. This is the Old Spice I grew up with. Because he used it, when I started needing deodorant & antiperspirant, I used it too.

Except at some point it became very hard to find the combo stick in original scent in stores, and I had to switch to “Fresh Scent” or “Ocean Breeze” or whatever. I’ve never really liked them, because THIS is what a man smells like to me. Because my father was the first man I knew.

Thankfully, we found a supply, and I’ve got eight of them in the cabinet.

Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll be teaching my boys what a man smells like properly now.