Don’t Leave it to Beaver

Originally published October 9, 2018. This seems a little pollyana now, looking back almost two years later. The conclusion isn’t wrong, exactly, but it’s incomplete. Sure, you can be in the SCA and never discuss modern politics, but what you can’t do is leave your biases at at Gate. They’re too ingrained. And a whole lotta people chose to insist on exposing themselves.

A post made from a slightly edited comment on another thread talking about nostalgia in the context of conservatives trying to make America “what it was”:

So here’s the thing: this kind of BS leave it to beaver father knows best nostalgia is NOT what the SCA is about. The SCA is the Middle Ages as they should have been. That means celebrating the good in anyone and leaving all the old prejudices behind. There’s no burning of witches, no stoning of polyamorous people, no torture of heathens or apostates.

There’s same sex consorts in crown tournament, Baronies run by two Baronesses, non-gendered persona titles, and women Knights.

If that’s what you’re interested (and there’s still room for cishet-presenting white dudes with wives and children like you and me) then great.

You can be in the SCA and never reveal or discuss modern politics. But you’re going to have to choose to not reveal or discuss modern politics.