Originally published September 18, 2018.

This song belongs in the soundtrack for a mid 80’s move that centers around a teenager bamboozling the adults around him with his L33T H@XX0R $K1!!Z (using his 300 baud modem attached to his PC AT with the matching 8.5 inch floppy drives and 40 column amber monitor, natch) until suddenly the ALIEN INVASION ARRIVES and he has to use his powers for good building a computerized virtual space-ship what with he hacks into their advanced mainframe (what uses english characters and arabic numbers and the decimal system, natch) and VANQUISH THEM!!!!

This song is the montage where he codes the virtual spaceship, ending with him giving a high-five to the spunky tomboy girl who has been his friend for years but suddenly has new and confusing feelings for him and FREEZE!

Which I’m sure is exactly what Wolf & Raven had in mind. The whole album is great, but this one track is my favorite.