Showcase: The Court Barony of Sophie the Orange

Sophie the Orange.  I mean, what can I say about Sophie the Orange?   She’s a force of nature.  She’s stands up for justice.  She’s mindful and introspective.  She’s funny.  She’s awesome.  And it was a loss for the MidRealm when she left to live in Atlantia.

So I was overjoyed to discover that William and Isolde wanted to give her something for that awesomeness, both at the SCA 50 Year Event, where she took a really difficult job and made it look easy, and in her tireless support of Commedia across the Known World.

Because Sophie lives in a different kingdom, William and Isolde wanted to give her something that was very personal to them, but also recognizable no matter where she goes; there’s really only one award that does that – the Court Barony.  I wanted this text to be meaningful to Sophie, so I did some research into concepts of Commedia, and worked them into the text.

Sonnets are pretty easy to write, but I think that they’re pretty hard to do really well.  It’s easy to get caught-up in the sing-song rhythm of the iambic pentameter and create a rote-sounding poem that is more about the form than the message.  The form of the poem should ebb and flow around the words and the poet should really try to evoke a desired emotional response.  In order to get that emotional response, I called out some specifically modern concepts and references.  Also, making you think about old Saturday Morning Cartoons is funny.  That last couplet is, to me, gold.  Or, maybe… orange.

And any award that makes the recipient act like this has got to be funny.  Along with all the other shenanigans that went into making this one of the most memorable awards I’ve been lucky enough to work on.

(Photo by Charla Kinzel)

Now entering, the lead star of Our show
is one who carries still a dragon’s heart
Ambassador, but little does she know
That William and Isolde hath changed her part

The innamorati hath left the stage
The vecchi shall no longer seek to block
The zanni now are here to turn the page
and lazzi calls Sophia now to walk.

The prop no longer seal from Kingdom far
Instead with pearls a silver coronet
So thus will now depart a rising star
And we will venture that she’s not done yet

Once more of her presence We be bereft
Baroness Sophie now, exeunt, stage left.

(Photos by Baroness Sophie, Scroll by Countess Isolde, Coronet by Count William.)

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  1. Trying to not cry in my office as I read this. So much loving magic was in that moment. Thanks so much, Drew, for helping to make it so damn beautiful. Snif. Thanks. Snif…

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