Showcase: The Red Company/Gold Mace of Dirk Edward of Frisia

The second of the three scroll texts I wrote for NOWM was one that was near and dear to William and Isolde’s heart.  Dirk has been a force on the field in Combat Archery for many years, and they wanted to recognize his great leadership in a big way.

I don’t know Master Dirk very well, but I certainly know of him, as do many MidRealmers.  William and Isolde were also very effusive and had many tales to tell me of his honor and service.  I researched his persona and found an actual document that spoke in many ways to the heights of prowess and dedication that Dirk displayed.  I adapted it and thus, the scroll was made and presented upon the field.

Let all know that William and Isolde, King and Queen of the Ancient Middle Kingdom, after previous discussion among Their fighting men and women, about the current state of Their army, and after receiving reports of those opinions, well and gravely representing the martial advancement of Their kingdom, have considered it necessary, in accordance with Their oath and duty, to make clear in this present document the position, warrant and acknowledgement of Dirk Edward of Frisia.

Their Majesties are firmly convinced that every one reading this warrant will judge it in the lawful and celebratory spirit which is required in the great state of this kingdom and the armed might that is gathered under the banner of the red pale and green dragon on lists and battlefields within and without the realm.


Their Majesties thus order that Dirk Edward of Frisia is to be furthered, commissioned, and proclaimed to be a Companion henceforth of the Order of the Red Company, and further also be named a Companion as well of the Order of the Gold Mace, for such is their prowess and leadership that it is well recognized by special honors this day.

Their Majesties also observe that it is to the advancement of these Orders and in the gathering of these companions they have furthered their authority to proclaim this warrant to Dirk Edward of Frisia lawful and just, in the norms of right and reason, witnessed by herald and seneschal and their court gathered at Northern Oaken War Maneuvers on the 10th day of June, Anno Soceitatis 52 et Draconis 49 to which they have set their sign manual and seal.

(Based on a short exposition of the rights exercised by the knights, nobles and towns of Holland and West Friesland from time immemorial for the maintenance of the freedoms, rights, privileges and laudable customs of the country, October 16, 1587)

Scroll by Madame Heather Hall