Showcase: The Evergreen of Brenden o Corraidha

Now that there were heirs, things really began kicking into high gear.  And nowhere was that more apparent than at Northern Oaken War Maneuvers, or as we liked to call it, “Court: The Event!”  SEVENTY AWARDS were given at NOWM, in one of FOUR COURTS held during the day:

Morning, Field, Evening, and Silent.

That’s over 17 awards per court.  There are whole events that don’t have that many awards!  In fact, NOWM was the event with the most awards.  Pennsic had between 45-55, and Baroness Wars had around 60 total.

I wasn’t able to go to NOWM, but William and Isolde asked me to write three scroll texts, the first of which is here:

Brendan, a fellow bard who has performed with Bardic Storm in the past, has had a long and storied career in the SCA.   So obviously, my best choice was to base his scroll text on a letter written to John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy (who reigned between 1404 and 1419) by… THE DEVIL!

But after the scroll was written, there was something missing.  A certain… je ne sais quois.  I talked to William about it, and, well, see if you can figure out what we added.

From William, King of the MidRealm, Baron Under the Mountain, and Isolde, Birch Queen of the Oak and Blessed of Bards, both sovereigns, guardians and governors of all those children of the Dragon, to Their dearest and well beloved Brenden o Corraidha, Bard, greetings.

Our dearst Brenden, for many years you have served the MidRealm. Your tales of wisdom and whimsy, hysterical and historical, mirthful and mysterious have pleased Us well. Therefore, we pray and request, indeed we order and command you to perservere, as you have for so many years, in serving the good will and common need of the Dragon lands. Therefore, let it be known by Our words this day, that all shall know, love, and remember Brenden thus:

There once was a fella called Brendan
Whose sang and told tales never endin
With the highest esteem
We grant him Evergreen
Signed here, Queen Isolde and King William!

Let it be known that Our court is devoid of want this day, as you have entered the hearts of our trusted people, officers, and allies. The Crown shall uphold you in your proclaimed station, should you ever have need.

In witness whereof, We have sealed these presents with Our mark, in the presence of the Dragonholde, in Our honoured constitory of our Barony of Cleftlands.

William, Isolde

(based off of a letter supposedly sent to John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy, who reigned between 1404 and 1419, from Lucifer, the Devil. Except for the Limerick, which is written by King William and myself.)

(scroll done by Baroness Sorcha)

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  1. I was, and remain, deeply honored. People like me, gosh darn it, and I have a piece of paper that proves it!

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