Showcase: Writing Scroll Texts and Other Things – Kingdom A&S and Crown Tournament Boasts

Crown Tournament is always a special time in a reign.  Between Coronation and Crown, the only royalty in the Kingdom are the King and Queen.  The kingdom belongs to Them and Them alone.

The Kingdom A&S Competition and Crown Tournament of William and Isolde was a fun one, with many standout moments for me both personally, and from the perspective of being on Staff.   I really slipped into a role of Court Management at this event, in addition to having active roles in both the running of the A&S Competition and being the co-Autocrat of the event, specifically for the Sunday Crown Tournament.

I didn’t write a lot of scroll texts for this event.  But I did write a boast for Their Majesties for the Kingdom A&S Court, and then an edited version of the Coronation Boast for Crown Tournament Court.

Here’s the Saturday boast.  I was firmly comfortable with the Anglo Saxon verse form by this point.

Here in the homeland / Herald cries
Oaths and Oyez / Over the hall
Award and accolades / Now ALL RISE
William the Warlord / Isolde his wife
Baron under the Mountain / Bold and Brave
Birch Queen of the Oak / Bards beloved

And starry skied Highnesses / Seen in their spelendour
Kaydian and Cassandra / Reign yet to come
Prince and Princess / once part of the MidRealm
North Hearth and Home / Griffyn Heir’s Throne

The Sunday boast was a shortened version of the Coronation Boast:

Bold battle children! Know now,
William of Fairhaven: Famed is this King,
Far fly the boasts of Him:
Ring-Giver of Dragons
Baron Beneath the Mountain
Protector of the Inland Seas

And Isolde de la Ramee: Famed is this queen,

Far fly the boasts of Her:
Ring-Giver of Dragons
Birch-Queen of the Oak
Lady of Linden, Blessed by bards

Both courts were quite amazing, with many good friends recognized.   I’ll write about that in a few days.