All my dreams.

Silverwing’s Law 101: “You’re an oldtimer when the things you used to strive for are taken for granted.”


In 1990, John and Maire (Meg Frazier) moved to the MidRealm from Ansteorra and Maire decided she wanted to be able to fence. They join forces with Baron AElfred (Allen Reed) and the MidRealm Rapier Legion was born. In 1991, Queen Tangwystl is the first of three queens who wore a White Scarf in support of the goal: Rapier Combat in the Middle Kingdom.

In May of 1993, the first MidRealm fencers were inducted into the Order of the Cavendish Knot.

In 1994, the first MidRealm Rapier rules are signed into Kingdom law, and later that year, at Pennsic 23, we had the first MidRealm Rapier Champions Team (pictured below).

In April of 1999, the Company of the Bronze Ring was created. It was “promoted” from AoA level to Grant of Arms level about a year later.

In May of 2015, the Rapier Peerage was created.

This past weekend, 28 years after the Rapier Rats answered the Call of Maire, I went to the Tournament of Defence, at the Three Saints event in Rivenstar. There were 89 fencers on the field, and that night, two good gentles were recognized as peers of the realm, surrounded by well over a dozen of their compatriots.

All of my dreams have come true.