Success is not Solitary

Originally published on April 9, 2018.

Today, I’m doing a mashup of two posts from different friends.

No one in the SCA or outside of it succeeds alone. Everyone has help from someone, whether it’s the love of a parent, the direction of a peer, the advice of a mentor, the support of a friend, or the moment when you need to be taken out back behind the woodshed to be told what you done did and who you done it to.

Think about the people who have been part of your life to help you move forward, recover from the disappointments life deals, or repair the wounds you’ve inflicted. And then think about ways that you can recognize them, from just saying “thanks” to promoting them for an award in the SCA or even something else. I’ll put some handy links in the comments.

Thanks to Konrad Mailander and Candice DeWitt for the inspirations!