Showcase: Writing Scroll Texts and Other Things – Siobhan an Einigh’s Purple Fret

Siobhan an Einigh moved to the MidRealm from Calontir a few years ago, and in Ayreton, she fits right in.  She does ALL THE THINGS — just ask her how many offices she’s currently holding, AND she’s the about-to-step-down Regional A&S Champion.  She basically got her Purple Fret for “all the service”.

Irish poetry gives me fits.  I rarely complain about being TOO constrained, but these poets had serious control issues.  Irish forms are complicated, esoteric, and often the sound of the words together is the art, not the actual words themselves.  In addition, I don’t speak Gaelic, and I couldn’t exactly go to my local expert, because my local expert is Siobhan.

So, I did a bunch of reading, and tearing of my hair, and more reading, and more tearing of my hair, and finally settled on writing “in the manner” of a 10th  or 11th century Irish poem called “Scél Lemm Dúib“.

I have news
birds call
sunshine glows
winter is over
winds low
sun high
Long his track
Service given
To the Stars
And the Dragon
gives Siobhan
Purple Fret
warm smiles
green time
this is my news.

Picture by Alessandra West, scroll by Scott Hethacorn (THL Robert Thorne)