Showcase: Writing Scroll Texts and Other Things – Marie la Fauconierre Sapphire

I have lived in the Midlands for nearly 20 years, but prior to last year, I cannot remember attending a single Ragnarok Rampage.  This is the first of the four scroll texts that I wrote for this event.  This was also the first Regency Court that I ran for William and Isolde, even though there had already been several across the kingdom.

Marie and I have known each-other for many years.  She asked me to speak at her elevation to Pelican.  She’s been a good example to me others for many years.  She’s got a later-period French persona, so I looked for poetry from that period of time.  The Rondeau fits the bill perfectly, having been in use for centuries.

I was not brave enough to try to set the Rondeau to music, although that was certainly done in later period.   It has a lovely set of repeated lines (I used an adapted version of the larger Rondeau variant to have more lines to work with)  that I feel really allowed me to focus on her as a worthy subject and recipient.

Marie didn’t get this award till a week later, at Crown.

I’m pretty proud of this one.  This Regency was also one where I worked really hard with Baroness Epona, and her Baronial Herald, to get the court list ready to go, and organized.  I’m proud of that, too.

A Sapphire for Marie la Fauconierre, in the form of Rondeau, modeled after one by Charles d’Orleans, (1391-1465)

These, Our words of Marie la Fauconierre
We say them to you all so you may know
How We do hold her in esteem so fair
Her love for Kingdom has not lain fallow
Instead it spreads like shade of the willow
These, Our words of Marie la Fauconierre
We say them to you all so you may know
Her grace and courtesy a calm fanfare
Her honor is an inner flame aglow
And so We set our hands and seal below
A Sapphire, now chosen with great care
These, Our words of Marie la Fauconierre

Photo by Marie la Fauconierre.  Illumination and Calligraphy by Gunnarr Alfljot.