Showcase: Writing Scroll Texts and Other Things – Silver Oak and Moneyer Declaration for Rüdiger of Unicorn

Um, yeah.  Two months since my last posting.  Forgive me, Dragon, for I have sinned…

Moving on.

I don’t actually know Rüdiger of Unicorn.  I believe I’ve met him once or twice, but I didn’t know him at William and Isolde’s coronation, certainly.  I was asked by them ahead of time to write him two things: A Silver Oak text, and a declaration that he was Their official Moneyer.

I discovered that Rüdiger’s persona was 12th-13th Century German, and I found a form called a “Strophic Canzone”, used in the late 1100s by German Minnesänger authors.  At simplest, it’s a seven line poem, 11 syllables per line, with rhyme scheme of ababcxc.

We call before Us Rüdiger to kneel here
And hear Us sing his praises to all the land
Though a Kingdom would run on soldiers and beer
It takes coin to pay a wage and get drinks grand
Recognition for Rüdiger, making coins,
From William and Isolde, ring-givers to dragons,
And bear badge of the Silver Oak, We enjoin.

Here’s where I first really started keeping track of what I was writing, the kinds of forms I was using, and the ways I could use those forms to create scroll texts.  I learned things:

  1. Unique forms make people in court sit up and listen
  2. I’m really bad at poetry forms that don’t work based on rhyme and syllable count.
  3. Wikipedia is my friend.

So at least some of what’s to come is what I call “faked.”

Now, after the Silver Oak, the proclamation of the Moneyer was made.  This is based off of a period text.  I swear it.  I don’t write like this naturally.  But I didn’t write it down, so the actual document this is based off of is unknown.  This was actually the first document-style text I’ve ever written.  I would come to rely on them more and more as I, frankly, found the poetry exhausting.


WHEREAS it has pleased Us to promote the art of Coining and We have decided that We shall reward those who please Us with coins: We, therefore, William and Isolde, King and Queen of the MidRealm, do now hereby with one voice publish and proclaim that Lord Rüdiger of Flaming Gryphon is now, by Our Hand, become Our Personal Moneyer.

Declared at Our Coronation in Our Barony of Flaming Gryphon this Sixth Day of May in the Year of the Society Fifty-two.

William Rex, Isolde, Regina

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of Rüdiger receiving either scroll.