Letter to the BoD

Originally published January 28, 2018. This seems so long ago.

Note: the below is the text of an email I sent to the BoD and TRM CAID. It saddens me to have to have done this. Nevertheless, I feel it was necessary to do. Their Majesties of CAID have shown such poor judgement, I believe that it endangers the SCA as a whole.

I write today both to the Board of Directors and Their Royal Majesties of CAID in the same letter.

The swastika is an irredeemable symbol. It is impossible to use it in such a manner that only represents pre-Nazi connotations. By wearing the symbol, enlarged and repeated, along with other Nazi symbolism, is such an extreme error of judgment, coupled with the non-apology that TRM posted, that I do not believe that the current King and Queen of CAID can conduct a reign. I encourage Them to step down, and I encourage the BoD to remove them if They refuse to do so.

In addition, I recommend that the weaver, who has reportedly refused to acknowledge the alignment with Nazi ideology also be investigated, and if necessary, sanctioned.

Lastly, I recommend that the SCA immediately adopt language banning the wearing of nazi symbols, in addition to reaffirming that such symbols continue to be disallowed in SCA heraldry.

My family tree has many missing branches, due to the people who wore that symbol on their clothing. Had my grandfather not escaped, I would not be here. We can never forget what happened, and we can never allow these irredeemable symbols of hatred to be normalized.

The King and Queen of CAID have violated a trust. The Board of Directors must seek to restore that trust, and ensure it cannot be violated again.

In service,

Baron Andreas Blacwode, MidRealm
mka Drew Nicholson
Aurora IL
Membership # 73218