Today I Woke Up Laughing

Originally published January 22, 2018.

I have a recurring dream: I’m at a wedding like the one in Three Weddings and a Funeral, held in the Tudor mansion. I’m sitting in a fancy room with what seems to be a choir loft, with some friends, dressed for the wedding, but I think the wedding is over; my tux jacket is off, and my collar is open.

In the background is this thundering noise, like a herd of horses galloping through a canyon. The noise gets louder, and we look up, trying to find the source of it, when the doors at the back of the loft bang open, and everyone has to scramble, because an enormous… pack of schnauzers and pit bulls and dachshunds comes charging through. Behind them, holding onto their leashes and somehow flying, are a cloud of children, one for each dog. Two of the dogs are Ace and Juno, and of course, Charlie and Ben are in the lead, Ben giggling insanely, and Charlie making a face like the attached.

They charge through the loft, the kids bobbing at the end of the leashes and then back up and out, and the doors slam behind them.

This morning, I woke up laughing.