Letter to the BoD

Originally published as a comment on January 31, 2018

Here is the letter I wrote to the BoD today.

To the Board of Directors:

I write today to speak to you of the proposed changes to the mission statement that you have posted at SCA.org. I agree with the changes, but I feel that they do not go far enough.

Therefore, in addition to the changes that have been proposed, I suggest that the Governing Documents be amended. Under Section II ( GENERAL CONDITIONS AND PRIVILEGES OF MEMBERSHIP) I recommend that an additional item be added:

G: Forbidden Symbols

1. The use of the swastika (sometimes also known as a hakenkreuz or a sun circle) within the SCA, whether in heraldry, as ornamentation on garb, as decoration, or any other use outside of classes and research dedicated to the study of the symbol in historical contexts, is forbidden.

a. Any symbol that at first glance appears to be a swastika will be regarded as such. Members may appeal to the highest SCA authority on site.

b. Any swastika displayed in an A&S activity or discussed in a class will include sufficient disclaimers that viewers/attendees are made aware of the subject matter before being exposed to it.

Lastly: I recommend that you impose Sanctions on Graf Athanaric Thaurismunths sunus preventing him from fighting in any Crown Tournament for a period of no fewer than 3 years and no more than 5 years, with the same restriction on Grafynja Sigriðr in irska as a consort. While I understand that this will appear to be cruel to some, I believe that it is vitally important that the Kingdom of Caid, and through them, the SCA Inc, not appear to sanction the use of hate symbols, specifically Nazi imagery. If Athanaric or Sigriðr were allowed to “walk” through a Crown Tournament via well-meaning friends seeking to make up for their unhappiness over what happened, that would absolutely send the wrong message.

I do not recommend any further sanctions on either of them.

I hope these words are helpful, and thank you for everything that you do to help keep the SCA going.

In service,

Baron Andreas Blacwode, MidRealm

mka Drew Nicholson

Aurora IL

Membership # 73218