Taking a Knee

Originally published October 13, 2017.

Ridiculously, they played the national anthem at Charlie’s Fun Run fundraiser. Laura and I #tookaknee.

I took a knee because I live in a system that protects my rights as a cishet-presenting white male more than it protects the rights of my friends because they’re African American or Latino or female or gay or trans or autistic or differently abled or any number of other things.

I took a knee becsuse my wife’s grandmother and her mother and their ancestors were forced to live in reservations or were slaughtered because they were indigenous people.

I took a knee because I support the first amendment rights of professional athletes to protest constant bigotry and the murder of African American men by police without accountability.

I took a knee to protest a president who insists that federal dollars will pour into Texas for hurricane relief, but insists that assistance for Puerto Rico cannot “last forever” – when over 80% of this island, populated by American Citizens, remains without power or running water.

I took a knee not because I hate my country. I took a knee because I love my country and I desperately want it to be better. To do better. To be the America we know it can be.

It is a small protest, and it probably went unnoticed by most if not all of the people there. But it was important to Laura and I.