It Didn’t Seem Like That Much At the Time.

My friend Duke Darius of the East posts these Skeletor memes, and one he posted today really hit home for me.  William and Isolde just stepped down yesterday, and thus my work for them is essentially over (just a few lingering things to deal with.)

So here’s a list of things.  It looks overwhelming when viewed all together, but at the time, it was mostly good, with a few moments of struggle and strain here and there.  But the thing I have been thinking on, and will continue to think on, is the crux of the meme: who and what have I become from this work?

Work for William and Isolde

Things written (total of 57 scroll texts and assorted other things)

Coronation of William and Isolde (May 6)

  • Coronation Ceremony co-writer and editor
  • Processional Boast for William and Isolde
  • Kingdom Augmentation for Edmund and Kateryn
  • Royal Augmentation for Sorcha
  • Silver Oak for Rudiger
  • Court Barony for Flan
  • Pelican scroll text and ceremony text for Roana

Battle of the Inland Seas (May 20)

  • Dragon’s Heart for Beline

Ragnarok Rampage (May 20)

  • Sapphire for Marie
  • Willow for Sammi
  • Evergreen for Saraswati
  • Fret for Siobhan

Crown Tournament (May 27/28)

  • Processional Boasts for William and Isolde (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Knighting scroll text and ceremomy text for Ulrich

Northern Oaken War Maneuvers (June 10)

  • Evergreen for Corrie
  • Red Company and Gold Mace combo for Dirk of Frisia
  • Court Barony for Sophie the Orange

Baron Wars (June 24)

  • Evergreen for Malla
  • Cavendish Knot for Serena (not given till Pferdestadt)
  • Gold Mace for Sigenandus
  • Red Company for Zygmunt
  • Investiture boast for Konrad and Isibel of Red Spears

Simple Day (July 1)

  • Willow for Cecily
  • Gold Mace for Johan
  • Dragon’s Heart for Ronan Keith
  • Master of Defence scroll text and ceremony for Lizabetta

Day of Play (July 7)

  • AOA for Astridr

Push for Pennsic (July 7)

  • Evergreen for Chaya-Simcha
  • Purple Fret for Siobhan of Flaming Gryphon

Swine and Roses (July 15)

  • Willow for Gunnar
  • Oak for Fergus
  • Laurel scroll text and ceremony for Lucretia
  • Laurel scroll text and ceremony for Jadwiga

Tyger Hunt (July 15)

  • Fret for Fish

Pennsic (August 5-9)

  • Court Barony for Nickolas of Windreach
  • Pelican scroll text and ceremony for Valharic

Baroness Wars (August 27)

  • Pelican scroll text and ceremony for Gareth
  • Pelican scroll text and ceremony for Epona
  • Court Barony for Acelina
  • Greenwood for Adella
  • Purple Fret for Gailen
  • Evergreen for Gillian
  • Evergreen for Gwendolyn
  • Greenwood for Renzokuken
  • Dragon’s Heart for Saraswati
  • Dragon’s Heart for Terion

Mounted War Game (September 2)

  • Fret for Diana
  • Fret for Sebastian
  • Pelican scroll text and ceremony for Maggie

Harvest Days (September 9)

  • Royal Vanguard for various Champions

Coronation of Cellach and Vukasin (September 23)

  • County for William
  • County for Isolde
  • Rose for Isolde
  • Court Barony for Phl
  • Court Barony for Fiadnata
  • Vanguard for Hengist
  • King’s Chalice for Gavin
  • Willow for [REDACTED]
  • Fretty for Mei Li’s Brigade
  • Fretty for Pennsic 46 MidRealm Court Bar Staff
  • Royal Augmentation for all scribes who contributed during the reign

Herald In Charge:

  • Ragnarok Rampage
  • Border Skirmish
  • Day of Play


  • A&S Tally Room Staff for the Kingdom A&S Competition
  • Co-Event Steward for The Crown Tournament of William and Isolde
  • Awards Secretary for 34 Courts (17 held by TRM, 17 regency, over 800 awards total.)

Just Raise Your Hand Already

Originally posted September 7, 2017.

Not only is this still relevant, but I’ve realized that it applies to compliments and congratulations just as much as it does to aspersions and criticism.

Everyone who has a problem saying “thank you” when told you done good, raise your hand. Yes, even you in the back.

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The Bucket of Renown and other Peerage Thoughts

Originally posted September 1, 2017. Three+ years later, I can tell you that the bucket is definitely bigger, and peerage is far more daunting than I thought. It is also far more fulfilling than I thought.

So there’s a thing called a bucket of renown. That bucket has a hole in the bottom, and the only way to keep it full is to keep doing good works. They that do more are more worthy.

The thing is, sometimes, when you get that peerage (I’ve been told) it’s easy to assume that the bucket will now stay full. Instead (I’ve been told) what happens is that the bucket gets twice as big – and the hole gets three time as big. So now in order to keep your bucket full you have to work twice as hard FASTER.

This is probably pretty exhausting and why some people, when they become peers, bail out on the SCA. Other people it makes cranky and hard to work with.

The other thing I’ve observed is that some people perceive peerage as a giant round of cheese – a finite thing that can only be cut so thin. They believe that every time a new peer is made, the amount of peerage they have is reduced. They fight against new peers because that somehow reduces their peerage-ness.

I don’t believe that: I think Peerage is like air. Peers are like trees. They take in carbon dioxide (art, work, prowess, etc), and release oxygen (peerageness). It’s a self sustaining system when it’s working properly.