Pennsic 46 Post 4 of 3

Originally published August 15, 2017.

I was wrong. There’s more. Because there always are, assuredly, other moments I should be remembering, and other people I should be acclaiming. Hengist’s quiet leadership as Brego. Flan’s terrible jokes. Rocco speaking Zuriel’s elevation. The cheers when Lorelei was elevated. Those moments, like so many others, may be someday lost to memory, but not to our lives. They did happen and the effects of them live on in our hearts forever.

There’s one crucial person left to thank, of course. One person who has stood by, even in the face of my bullheaded mistakes, my obstinate insistence on finding reasons to fail, my constant touchstone, guiding me to what’s really important time and again. She’s the foundation I stand on, and the stars in my sky. She has been the wind in my sails and the open harbor at the end of my journeys. While I have followed the King, she has stayed at home, doing all the unsung tasks and taking all the unknown burdens.

Laura, you are the breath in my lungs and the light in my heart. You have supported me through my exaltations and despair. I’m not a great fighter, so I can’t make you queen. I’m not a great artisan, so I cannot make you jewelry or clothes of beauty. I’m a clerk and a soldier. But I’m also a bard, and I can give you word-fame. Someday, that song will come. Until then, here is what I ask:

People. When you thank me for my service, for my fighting, for my art, you should be thanking her, because without her willingness to let me go and write and herald and fight and organize and do everything else that I’ve been able to do, none of it would happen.

So if I’ve touched your life in the SCA in any way. If I’ve written you a scroll, or helped with your event, or heralded you into court, sung with you, taught you, or fought on the line with you, or marshaled for you, or made you laugh or weep with joy or feel whatever magic the SCA has for you…

Please thank her, here, or on her own page, when you’re over at our house, or if you’re lucky enough to see her at an event. She has made it all possible, and she makes it all worthwhile. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to do these things. Without her, I wouldn’t be worthy of doing them. She makes me want to be the man I should be. It’s all because of, and it’s all… for her.

Thank you for reading.

Andreas Blacwode
Baron of the Court of William and Isolde