Pennsic 46 Post 2 of 3

Originally published on August 15, 2017.

This one is important to me. Please read it. And if someone could please tag Valharic for me, I would appreciate it.

5. Heralding. I only did a little bit of heralding, but it was full of memorable moments. A Court Barony for Gavin at Moose Lodge. Valharic’s pelican was very moving – he is beloved by many.

And then came the Knighting of Corvus Aurelius Corvinus. This was not on my list originally, and I pulled the ceremony together less than 24 hours before his elevation. At one point, Duchess Rebecca came to me and asked me to help find a calligrapher for the scroll, which had already been beautifully illuminated. My immediate thought was Estelle, whom I sought out, and she agreed to do the scroll. I then put it out of my mind, confident in her Supreme ability and service.

Monday afternoon came and afternoon Court approached. I asked the Signet to see the scroll so that I could read the gloss.

there is no gloss.

Oh, I said. Can I look at the scroll to see what it says?

you can look at the scroll, but we don’t know what it says.


Estelle, friend of my heart, Laurel of the Middle Kingdom and an extraordinary scribe… Had calligraphied the scroll in Latin.

I was severely nonplussed. Latin? But that’s not English! Latin? LATIN?

Be not afraid, gentle readers. I shook my head several times to clear it, remembered my training, and got to work.

Mostly, Latin is pronounced like it’s spelled. Thankfully, Estelle had used a very bold, clear font and I could read it. I mouthed the words as I went, until I got to… VII.

How do you pronounce Roman Numerals???

You use Google translate. Of course.

One more moment of this tale to relate, my friends. A moment that will stay with me the rest of my life. A moment that I thought would be the absolute highlight of my war.

Every knight swears fealty. Corvus had chosen to be a knight, not a Master. King William asked if he was ready to swear his oath.

Most vigilantes these days have time to memorize their paths. But Crow had not. As Herald, my job was to help prompt him. I knelt beside him, quietly reading the words of the oath for him to repeat.

I hear swear fealty and do homage
I here swear fealty and do homage, he repeated.

To the Crown of the middle kingdom.
To the Crown of the middle kingdom. But this time, two other Knights repeated the oath with him.

To ever be a good knight and true.
To ever be a good knight and true, a half dozen of the Knights spoke.

Reverent and generous.
Reverent and generous, most of them said.

Shield of the weak.
Shield of the weak, Crow swore, and every knight in under the tent swore with him.

I doubt anyone was paying attention to me at that moment right there. It wasn’t my show, it wasn’t my elevation, and I am a loyal servant of the Crown, clerk and Herald.

But I cannot speak falsely – at that moment, I felt like a knight. I was nearly overcome. I wept. But I forged forward, and the oath was finished. I stood and was able to turn around and compose myself, to watch Corvus dubbed, and then take the buffet. I felt chills about my whole body. I’m feeling them now.

I read the scroll in Latin without stumbling. I suspended the court.

And Corvus was now Sir Corvus.

I was honored to work on Ragnvaldr & Arabella’s staff when Corvus was one of Ragnvaldr’s Heavy Champions, and I’m very very proud of him.