Pennsic 46 Post 1 of 3

Originally published August 15, 2017.

Even just tracking the highlights, there’s too much to do in one post. There will probably be three of these, and I’ll space em out.

1. Talking with friends. I had very good, fruitful conversations with many people, including William, Isolde, Arabella, Zygmunt, Eliane, Aneleda (on the phone), Maggie, Fergus, Estelle, Ulrich, Phil, Phil, Diana, Gareth, Hillary, Finnguala, Halla, Alan, and more. And almost every night (except the night I forgot) I talked to Laura and recounted the day.

2. Singing. I didn’t get much in, and I lost my voice for a few days, but the three hour workshop with Bardic Storm was fantastic, and signing at the Enchanted Ground for the first time in 27 years in the SCA was really cool.

3. Fencing. So many people know of my love for Queen Tangwystl, who ruled the MidRealm over 25 years ago. Saturday evening, I sang for Her, and begged to be allowed to fight with Ealdormere’s rapier forces, because the last time She was Queen, I was not authorized. Tuesday morning I suited up with Ealdormere’s rapier forces and helped the Mid-Ealdormere-East alliance take the rapier field battles. Later that day, I begged my King to give those forces the Dragon’s Teeth for their Valor and prowess.

4. Fighting. I fought with the Midlands, and on one of the bridges, I was armed, and was left with my spear in my left hand. Sir Vargas urged me to take his short sword, which I did. I stood on the right side of the bridge, waiting for my moment – which came when Njal led a column charge from the left side. While all attention was on those warriors, I leapt out into the space between the lines and attacked my opponents with 1.5 feet of deadly, stubby steel! I got in five or six blows before being pincushioned, and, all of us laughing uproariously, my opponents helped me up, and I retired the field. Ten years ago, I never would have done anything like that. Laster in the woods, I fought with Midlands and then the King, and had a great time fighting across from the Chux and down that line. Fencer fighting spear = face-thrust face thrust face thrust!

More later.