A Poem for Laura

Originally published September 12, 2014.

Today is a happy day
Not a birthday
But the day after
We make important
The birthing day
An achievement done to you
Not by you
And yet we don’t thank
Our mothers
Who, in sweat and pain,
Labor through the labor
To shove us
Blind and dumb
Into the world
To experience all the clichés
For ourselves.

But today is a day where you will do
Instead of being done
A day like any other
Happy or sad
Sameness in the unique
Blurring with the latest new
And the tears
Of achievement
And pain
And joy.

So celebrate this day!
This average series of moments
That tomorrow will mean nothing
But in the aggregate of years
Will be everything
For what we did yester
Was not to pedestal
Was not to praise
Was not to uphold mothering
(except in the practice of making you one)

A cycle of days
A circle of sun
This day no more important
And no less
Than the one that came before
Save our noting

Shall I love you less
On this day than on that?
I shall not.
For all days are precious
On the walk